Machine Intelligence Driven Accuracy Scoring (MIDAS)

The next generation approach to maintaining data accuracy of changing business data


365 Media has created the next generation system for maintaining data accuracy in business data. Our machine learning-based model-driven scoring system (MIDAS) analyzes input or sourced data, uses our proprietary modelling approach to score data components and then intelligently decides on holistic and partial actions to improve accuracy scoring. The system integrates our proprietary scraping, analytical and data integrity tools to achieve the optimal outcome, in real-time.


Business information changes quickly and inaccurate or outdated data costs today’s corporations millions of dollars in bad marketing or lost opportunity. Low-cost high-impact maintenance of your business data gives you competitive edge, product integrity and economic advantage. Using a machine-learning approach is the only way to do this effectively at the right price point.


Data Maintenance

We put effective programs in place to maintain the accuracy of our customer’s business data

List Generation

Our tools can generate new, highly effective target lists at a fraction of the usual cost. See our website www.yourcustomlist.com for more information

Cleaning and Converting

We provide project-based services to clean, convert, normalize, de-dupe and otherwise get messy data into a state where it can be effective and actionable.

About Us

365 Media is part of Aggregate Intelligence, Inc (Ai) - the world’s foremost data intelligence company. Ai’s brands and solutions cover multiple industries and applications and are used by thousands of customers worldwide.


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