“365 Media has enabled us to significantly improve how we manage buyers guides at PennWell, and has developed a system that provides tremendous value to our users.”
—Sue McAdam, Director, Buyer's Guides, PennWell.
365 Media has been building and deploying buyers guide and marketplace solutions for over 10 years, implementing and launching solutions for hundreds of publishers, information providers, associations and member organizations. The MarketMaker system is a next-generation buyers guide and market place system designed to give flexible, powerful control to the publisher, whilst integrating multimedia, social media and other features to maximize the user experience.

Centralized Control

The MarketMaker system offers flexible and powerful centralized administrative control to the system manager. This includes a range of powerful tools including user permission management, publication template configuration, data definition, field structure management, category and ontology management, advanced query tools and much more. This gives the control to the admin/manager, rather than creating a dependency on services from the software provider.

Powerful Online Search

One of the key values to a successful online buyers guides and market- places is the flexible and responsive functionality of the search interface. 365 Media has been working closely with customers for many years and has a wealth of technical and operational knowledge on the best way to present information and promote search use. Your online product will have a fully responsive design to make it available on tablet or mobile device and offer a variety of search capabilities and display options to ensure you can properly monetize the product across multiple platforms. An integrated advertisement management system offers flexible monetization options to the publisher from package upgrades to display and social and rich media.

Engage and Connect

The MarketMaker system enables the publisher to create a connection between the supplier and the buyer by giving personalized tools to the supplier to manage their profile in the product. The Self-Serve interface enables advertisers to create entries, modify entries, add media, purchase upgrades and create and view RFPs and leads. Delivered as a wizard format or one-page questionnaire format, the system is intuitive and easy-to-use, engaging the advertiser and giving them control over their presence in the buyers guide.