“365 Media has hundreds of employees at multiple locations around the world - Powwow really enables us to maintain a small company and culture that benefits everyone in the company".
— John Tilly, CEO, 365 Media Inc
365 Media has built and provides the PowWow Online Community system, a configurable, flexible online community software platform for managing and promoting social and work interaction between user groups. PowWow is a modular, dashboard-based system that can be used for workforces, alumni groups, special interest groups and market groups, enabling information-based interaction and offering a host of social media, communication and collaboration opportunity.

Communication and Collaboration

At the center of PowWow is content — news, feature and discussion content aggregated from external or internal sources and presented via personalized dashboards to the users. Typical social tools such as 'share', 'comment', 'rate', 'vote' and 'discuss' are combined with tools for private and group discussion, blogging, forums, messaging, group broadcasting and narrowcasting.

Central Control

PowWow also offers powerful administrative control of the community. Control available to the administrator includes a menu of user tools that can be excluded or included in the system; the administrator can set parameters regarding the collection and including of external and internal information streams; a powerful user management system includes he capacity to add,
delete or suspend users at any time; the administrator can change messaging and certain design templates in the display of the system pages and interfaces and can broadcast and notify groups. In most cases, the administrator can oversee and run the online community from a single dashboard without the need to engage software services.

Put to Good Use

PowWow can be deployed as an external-facing community tool or an internal-facing online environment for staff collaboration. Business publishers have deployed Powwow to engage business markets in communication and interaction around a business topic, creating activity and engagement and driving lead generation and marketing solutions to the buy-side of the market. Corporate HR departments have deployed the system internally to encourage communication and interaction amongst a department or a whole workforce. At the moment, Powwow is a configurable platform that requires custom implementation in each case -watch out soon for a self-serve version!

Expandable Tools

PowWow is a platform that can support custom tools developed for the individual customer. This could be a module linked to biometric system designed to monitor employee active hours, it could be a conference room booking tool, it could be a staff training program or a freelance booking system. Once the engagement is established amongst the target group, the additional tools can easily be added to maximize this engagement and make best use of the centralized collaboration system.