But.. print is dead, long live print!
Historically, data products were published in print. The paradigm shift to online and now to mobile has created opportunities and challenges to all data publishers; challenges that 365 Media meets head-on with its advanced technology solutions.

But.. print is dead, long live print! There are many market outlets where print makes sense - and many of our customers are finding longevity and financial success in maintaining print versions of some data products. Where there is customer demand, there is opportunity for success — and some of your customers may still want print. Here again 365 Media Technology can meet this challenge and create this opportunity for you.

Our expert print and design team is equipped with the latest technologies in automating the data-to-print process, dramatically reducing the cost of (what used to be called) typesetting and layout and enabling our clients to create low-cost, automated print solutions that make sense in the modern market.

If your customers haven’t given up on print, maybe you don’t need to! Contact 365 Media today and find out more.